Yesterday’s dinner

Food glorious food…

So yesterday was one of those days were I must’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed. All day I felt exhausted and drained. A friend came over and I made soup for lunch. The rest of the day was wasted.

We had plans to go singing and to meet friends in the evening, but I didn’t think I could do it even if I had wanted to. So we stayed in. It was the first time ever that Jason and I didn’t do a single thing. We literally lay around and munched and played some games.

I always feel like life is short, get out and do everything. Which means that we are always (and I mean always) out and about. Each night is a late one and mornings are early. It’s been a few weeks like this and I am beginning to feel the tiredness I felt in London all over again.

So this time we just relaxed. And it was wonderful. And even though this may stress out my dad, here is a photo of what we ate for dinner – and although I hate to admit it, these jaffa cakes are better than the ones at home!



  1. Sometimes you just have to sit home and eat junk food. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather of late, too, and coincidentally, ate nothing but junk food yesterday. It was wonderful!

    • They don’t call it comfort food for nothing! (And perhaps there’s a reason why they call it junk food but let’s ignore that for now! ;))

  2. I love doing nothing! Sometimes I feel a twinge of guilt but staying relaxed and well rested is really important. I can relate to you with the questionable dinners too! Great post :)

  3. I have nominated you for The No Strings Attached Lovely Blog Award.
    If someone does not accept awards, well it still stands even if you cannot fulfill the requirements because this is a no strings attached nomination; only fulfill the award if you have time and are inspired.

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