Excuse me, there’s a bit of London in my Berlin

A few days after we moved into our lovely new home, I was back in the moving van helping my friend move across the city. After hours of heavy lifting picking up furniture, plants and mattresses, I was treated to a delicious chicken schwarma dinner as a reward (I had to get food somewhere into this post!) and set off back home.

Imagine my surprise when I stepped off the U2 Train at Wittenburgplatz and spotted this in my exhausted state:

London Rondel

I genuinely had to do a double-take and my brain for the slightest of moments thought I had somehow travelled back to London without realising.

This design of the London Underground roundel is known across the world but I didn’t think other stations in other countries would ever use the same design. It turns out they don’t – upon closer inspection of the golden plaque underneath:

Rondel Description

The station sign was given as a gift from the London Transport Executive in 1952 to celebrate 50 years of the Berlin U-Bahn. It turns out that Wittenbergplatz is one of Berlin’s oldest U-Bahn stations, opening its doors for passengers in 1902. That means the U-Bahn has been running in Berlin for 112 years! Wow!

Have you spotted the London Underground sign there? Keep an eye out next time you’re in the area!


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