Why English food is the best!!

Food glorious food…

When people say English food is bad, I just feel sorry for them. They obviously haven’t experienced England properly. When people say the food in London is bad, I just pity them and think these people are very lucky to have met me – now they have a chance to be educated in food from my wonderfully delicious home.

London has the best food in the world. Anything you want to eat – it’s there. From curry and cakes for breakfast to fresh bagels and soup at 3am. Hungry for a typical English breakfast at dinner time? No problem for London! I literally could go on and on and on, but I won’t as you know what I’m getting at here. Every single place in the world has good food and bad food. If you pop into a random chip shop and get fish and chips in the middle of London you won’t be amazed when it’s not delicious. Look around you – are any English people buying fish and chips? NO! Because we eat fish at the seaside, where it’s fresh. Are you paying lots of money for a posh meal in the middle of Piccadilly circus? Are you surrounded by tourists? Duh… seriously people, everyone knows this is a tourist trap and the food is rubbish and overpriced. If you want good food, you need to eat with locals. So today, because I’m feeling super kind, I will tell you where we ate when we were in London for JUST TWO DAYS. Please sit back, enjoy and then make notes after wiping away the dribble from the sides of your mouth.

First, you need to eat an English breakfast. The full works – if you’re a veggie I’m sorry, but seriously, this is the reason to become a carnivore again. Mmmm, German sausages are good, but Waitrose have caramelised onion sausages that are my faves :) Best to get a homemade version (we make this a lot in Berlin so just let us know and we can make it for you), otherwise a pub is a great place for this and I always grab one at the airport too.

photo 1 (1)My absolute favourite meal is curry. Indian-style British curry. I had my first taste of Chicken Korma at just 2 weeks old (yup, you read that correctly) and never looked back. You can get good curry at pretty much any Indian or Nepalese restaurant in London if you go out of Zone 1. We ALWAYS go to our local ones in Ealing (West London): The Zayka or the Zeera are amazing. You absolutely MUST order popodums for starters and then Chicken Tikka Masala is always a winner (and also the most popular meal in Britain!).

photo 3

photo 4

Another type of food London does well is Asian food. We have great takeaway Chinese food – simple and cheap and tasty to boot! If you’re desperate for a proper sit-down dimsum meal you have to go to the Royal China though, as it’s divine. Berlin’s Chinese food is rubbish, so although we didn’t have enough time for a proper Chinese meal, we did grab a quick takeaway.

photo 5

I’m going to add our family meal at the Hare and Tortoise – it’s quick and they don’t skimp on the good stuff – I normally go with Yaki Udon (fried Udon noodles) with seafood. Normally this would entail a prawn and a crab stick, but not here – oh no – it’s brimming with big fresh prawns, crab sticks, bean sprouts and all kinds of goodies. I used to eat here as a student all the time as the portions are big and fill you right up. Highly recommended to you all!

photo 2

We also ate at Burger and Lobster – but I told you about that already here. I managed to sneak in a wonderful High Tea with scones, crust-less sandwiches and mini cakes which I will tell you about on Monday. I will apologise for the photos – I didn’t take my nice camera and I was far too busy stuffing my face to make everything look pretty and bother with lighting etc, I just needed to get it into my mouth quick and move onto the next meal! Haha :)


  1. I knew a Japanese lady whose daughter married an English guy. When she went to the UK for the wedding, I asked her what she ate. “Sushi… and udon… and ramen”. I wanted to slap her!! Come on, a roast at least!

    • Ugh – that always makes me mad – people say our food is bad without actually trying it. It’s like going to Japan and doing the cheapest kaiten sushi or Italian pizza and saying Japanese food isn’t great… ugh!!!! Luckily we are here to educate them 😉

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