We are going up!!

We are Brentford, super Brentford, super Bees…

Happy Monday today is a quick update for those of you who missed the magical news! Brentford Football Club have received automatical promotion!! YEY!!!! Finally we are on the way up to the Championship League for the 2014/15 season.

As kids, I supported Newcastle as I was born there and my brother Mark chose Manchester United, purely because they were the best. Luckily he soon righted his ways and we both decided to support our local club Brentford (the super Bees).

The supporters really are fans from the bottom of their hearts. I remember watching the Bees play at Wembley many many years ago, as they lost out on promotion. One year we even drove to Cardiff to watch them be defeated, once again missing out on promotion. Now Mark has a season ticket and watches every week. And this week, FINALLY, we did it! It’s been a great season, L&A went to watch some great football each time we visited home over the past year and it’s an exciting time to be a Brentford supporter. Here is Mark’s picture of the pitch invasion. I have to say I’m a bit jelly I missed out on this…

photoWhen visitors to London ask me if they should watch some football, I always recommend going to the smaller clubs, as that’s where you will find the true supporters. The language the crowd use will make your ears bleed though, so be warned if going with small children.

The new stadium has been confirmed as well, so if you are not sure who to support, well, it’s time to do the chant:

We are Brentford, super Brentford, super Bees
We are Brentford, super Brentford
We are Brentford, super Bees…

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