Vienna Day Five – Last Day :(

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…

We had seen a massive queue for a tiny little ice cream shop on Sunday, but there must’ve been about forty people in line. I’m English, so I love a good queue, but that’s too much even for me.

However, a holiday isn’t a holiday without ice cream, so on Monday morning, we went to see what the fuss was all about. There was no one in line at Eis Greissler and we got a single scoop in a cone for €1.50. Now I know why everyone was waiting in line… O… M… G… WOW! We nearly went back for another one. Randomly, Jason and I got the same one – buttermilk and chocolate chunks. MMMMMMMMM!!

Ice Cream!!

Ice Cream!!

Just like the Rittersport shop in Berlin, there is a Maman shop in Vienna where you can get absolutely anything and everything Maman-related, even a few of those yummy waffles.


I also found my absolute favourite jewellery shop ever – Michal Negrin! I first saw the shop in Israel. I loved all the sparkly beautiful things so much I had to go into three different shops out there before I finally made my expensive purchases. People always comment on my earrings though, and this time I just dribbled but didn’t buy.


As we didn’t go to Budapest for the hot springs, we decided to treat ourselves to a watery gem: The Diana Bad. A huge indoor swimming pool with a wave pool, jacuzzi, massive slide, whirlpool currents… it was so much fun. Plus there were literally 5 other people there, so it felt like our own private paradise. We spent a whole hour in the hot jacuzzi, zoomed down the massive slide on rings (see the video – it goes pitch-black!!) and swam through the waves. Awesome way to spend an afternoon :)

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Mark had recommended a pub where you just go down and down and then down some more into a cellar. Can’t believe we found the Zwölf Apostelkeller, but it was perfect for our last drink and snack before heading back to Berlin.

e4Vienna was so wonderful and five days in the sunshine is perfect to see everything and have a really relaxing stay. Hope you enjoyed reading about our trip and hopefully you’ve been inspired to visit too! Let us know if there is anything we missed :)


  1. “I’m English, so I love a good queue”

    I love that. I actually feel pretty happy about a well organized line also. Maybe that’s why I’m such an Anglophile…

    • Haha – it reminds me of when I was about 13 and I stood in a queue for Mariah Carey for many many hours. It got dark and later and later and even though she had said she would stay and greet all of us it turned out she just left and went home. I was furious – but people kept coming up and joining the queue even though they didn’t know why – one man asked if we were waiting for a bus – haha. It drives me crazy when people don’t know how to stand in line and wait their turn – I’m not sure Germany is the right place for me as almost every time I’m in a supermarket I end up in a rage 😉

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