Vanille & Marille Ice Cream Shop

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It’s getting really hot in Berlin. We had our first BBQ this week and got nice face tans but bit crispy arm burns… but the good news is that ICE CREAM solves everything and I have tried yet another delicious place I want to tell you all about.

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Vanille & Marille is in the South-West part of Berlin in the suburb area. It’s down a tiny street and unless you know it’s there, you wouldn’t go. What’s not to love? The place is bright pink, the staff serve with a smile and there are tons of flavours to choose from. They try and source their ingredients locally and have some random seasonal flavours like Caribbean Guava and Posh Belgian Chocolate – it’s all very fun and quirky and it was so popular when we visited midday during the week, that there wasn’t even enough space for us to sit down. A great sign!

I had Caramel Butter and Peanut with Homemade Brownie scoops with a free waffle decorating the top. I tried my friend’s raspberry one and have to say it was mighty tangy! All in all, it’s a bit out-of-the-way, but they have a few shops in Berlin and the area is lovely for a wander – basically, if you like ice cream, then it’s a must-visit!

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Address: Vanille & Marille, Leydenallee 92/Ecke Schützenstraße

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