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So I’ve been told the blog is currently very frustrating. Sorry – I can finally reveal why we are so ridiculously busy and why we’ve not been blogging. Partly it’s because we are organising a wedding! We’ve also become part of the CCC (Clandestine Cake Club) and we actually managed to get into the local paper! There’s a theme – it was the Queen’s 90th birthday – and everyone had to make a cake to go with it. No cupcakes, brownies, scones… it has to be a full-blown cake. Now there were over 20 of us and that means a LOT of cake – everyone gets to try them all as well, so we had a blast. I made a trifle cheesecake and it was incredible. It’s a really fun way of seeing what people can make from a simple theme. There were toppings of strawberries and blueberries in the shape of the Union Jack, a cake with a crown on the top, a cake in the shape of a crown… absolutely awesome basically and so delicious. I can’t wait for the next one.


Oh yeah, so back on topic… we are opening Liverpool’s First Board Game Café! It’s called Sugar and Dice and you can stalk us over there. Do like us on Facebook/ follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep in touch. We have gotten very obsessed with board games and we’ve both wanted to open a café. We met Rachel, who we’ve teamed up with and has the same vision as us to complete the team. We are currently in the middle of getting our venue sorted, which means solicitors, estate agents, surveyors etc etc etc. We are doing a StartUp business course at the Chamber of Commerce, making connections, contacts and generally finding people who love board games in Liverpool as much as us.


It’s all super exciting, terrifying and wonderful! But yes, for now, that’s our news! Do check us out and keep in touch over there too – we are working on a blog on the Café website too, so feel free to have a read. Most importantly however, please do come to Liverpool and visit our shop when we are open – it’s going to be great :)


  1. What fun! Paul and Kaz like board games (esp. Kaz😨) so they are looking forward to visiting. Hope it doesn’t take us too long to get there!!

  2. Hi … I was the woman sitting next to you at the CCC .. Great write up and the cafe sounds really exciting! We live in Liverpool so will look out for your opening, and hope to see you again at the CCC😀

  3. That’s so brilliant – congratulations!! – and also hilarious, because Charlotte Steggz shared your website on FB and I thought to myself, ooh, I bet Vanessa would like that! Little did I know!

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