Unimaginable years ago

I’d like to see, the world today, in perfect harmony…

Yesterday was one of those amazing days that makes me proud to be a human being living in an amazing city, Berlin. On my way to work, I came across the PRIDE festival. I didn’t even know it was going on until I tried to get into work and the whole street had been closed and people dancing on buses and waving the rainbow flag came flowing passed.

photo 1 (1)Later on, Germany played Ghana. Having lived in Ghana, it will always hold a special place in my heart. I may be half-German, but I was supporting Ghana of course! And we must have found the one bar in Berlin where half the supporters were from Africa! The crowd was awesome and the dancing and bottom-shaking that happened after each goal by Ghana was fabulous. The Germans were obviously wanting Germany to win, but there was clapping from both sides after each goal. Something to be proud of. A good goal is a good goal!

And then… we went to a bar/ club where a live band was playing Klezmer music, Jewish music that you have to jump up and down to. It is impossible not to, even after a hard day of retail work, where you stand up for hours on end, running around after customers. YouTube it if you are not sure what I mean – just keep listening and you will see how wild it gets. The band was dripping with sweat whilst playing accordion, violin, clarinet… it was just wonderful to see a band having so much fun and an audience who would not let them off the stage – we wanted more and more!

photo 2 (1)For me, yesterday felt like a special day. I feel lucky to experience all of this in Germany. People celebrating being gay, Germans supporting black people in a football contest and then young Germans dancing (literally dripping) to Jewish music. It makes me feel proud to see how far this country has come, from the situation nearly a hundred years ago, when all these groups of people (and many others) were persecuted and almost extinguished entirely from this country. My ancestors included. I know I have a unique and bizarre family background and I have to say, yesterday was a day that made me proud! A wonderful day indeed!

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