Two Years and a whole load of Chocolate

I’m very happy to tell you that yesterday marked the 2 year anniversary of Leather & Abel officially becoming a team! :) Over this time, we have been on many different adventures (like right now in Berlin) and eaten a lot of food – usually involving chocolate. We’re both chocolate fanatics and spent most of a holiday to Belgium popping our heads into each little Chocolatier we came across and sampling their wares.

It was fitting then that we got to celebrate our anniversary with  a very special, one-of-a-kind chocolate.

imageA custom made Ritter-Sport chocolate bar! Ritter-Sport is a famous brand of delicious German Chocolate and if you ever visit the L&A Headquarters, you’ll very likely see a bar (or more likely the wrapper) lying around!

Imagine then our surprise when we stumbled across the Ritter Sport flagship store in Berlin! I think there will be a dedicated blog post about this wonderful place soon but inside you can make your own Ritter Sport creations and put all your favourite ingredients inside so you end up with something that is totally unique, and usually devoured soon after!

Our Ritter-Sport was made up of milk chocolate with smarties, vanilla cookies and cornflakes and it was delicious :) A very tasty treat for such a special occasion. I’m already looking forward seeing what will be the tasty treat next year!

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