Trip to the Cotswolds

It’s the most wonderful place…

England is so beautiful, it’s actually stunning. When people from abroad think of our country, they picture stone cottages, fields and fields of green, flowers everywhere and chatty people. Having being brought up in London, I didn’t really see any of that and still now whenever I come across sheep in the wild, I quickly text my brother ‘SHEEP‘, just because I still think they’re so funny.

And when you do go into the countryside there are sheep EVERYWHERE. I always joke that there are so many sheep in Wales, but OMG the minute you drive into the country, they are bleating all over the place.

At the moment there are little baby lambs too. It’s so cute. Anyway, back to our weekend away…

One of my best friend’s daughter was being Baptised in a tiny little town called Upton Wold, so Jason and I made a weekend of it and went to visit Stow on the Wold too. I’ve actually been here before, working as a tour guide when I took a whole group of Japanese people on a trip to the UK. Japanese people had always asked me if the Cotswolds really were as beautiful as the photos and I had to admit that I hadn’t been and didn’t even really know where the Cotswolds even were. I would say that in the UK, we think of the Lake District as the most stunning place here [you’re welcome to prove me wrong – having now visited both I now think these two places are so different that you can’t really compare them]. All I can say is that those Japanese people know what they are talking about, as the Cotswolds are just stunning. The tiny villages and ancient cottages with lovely little cared-for gardens… it’s just so picturesque.

Typical cottage house

Typical cottage house

The sunsets are just stunning

The sunsets are just stunning

The green rolling hills of the Cotswolds

The green rolling hills of the Cotswolds

Also, we got lucky with the accommodation, as we stayed at The Bodkin and even managed to stay in Jane Austen’s room! Yup – the place has seen many famous faces and we stayed in her old room! Crazy!

Jane Austen's old room! Maybe some of her genius rubbed off on me! ;)

Jane Austen’s old room! Maybe some of her genius rubbed off on me! ;)

You all need to visit the Cotswolds and just drive around and then walk around. So many lovely things to see, photograph and just experience. I bet it’s amazing in the winter when it’s covered in snow as well…


  1. I remember going to wherever Beatrix Potter lived once with a Japanese tour group and there were so many Japanese people there the signs were bilingual.

    You’re right – a very beautiful part of the country! But I hate walking up hills so that’s a major negative for me…

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