Tokyo Cheesecake in Berlin

Je suis du fromage…

Yup, another post about cheesecake. This one is from my favourite ramen (Japanese noodle soup) restaurant in Berlin: Cocolo. It means heart in Japanese and should be written Kokoro. Normally after a huge bowl of soup and noodles I’m too full for dessert, but just for all of you, when I saw the word ‘cheesecake’ I thought it would be rude not to order it.

cheesecakeI don’t really the relevance is of calling it Tokyo Cheesecake. Maybe it was the stunning presentation of the cake. Or how little the portion was in comparison to the normal German slice of nomminess. Perhaps it was the top layer of gelatin that included Yuzu, an Asian fruit not unlike a sour mandarin. Either way, it was very light, not overly sweet and filled my second stomach perfectly. They have a green tea mousse, which will have to be devoured next time, but for now, that’s all folks!

PS: If you also want to order mains, I would go for Tonkotsu Ramen, as the pork melts in your mouth. Otherwise just get a couple of desserts – haha.

Cocolo Ramen: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39-40, Kreuzberg, 10999, Berlin

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