Time to Move On

Take me, take me, I’m yours…

In less than a week we will be moving back to England. It’s been interesting discovering my German side, but I have to say I can’t wait to get back ‘home’. We have a whole host of reasons why we are leaving, but I might tell you about them after we have left – don’t want to offend anyone before we’ve run away haha!

The Brandenburger Gate is one of the many great sites to see in Berlin :)

The Brandenburger Gate is one of the many great sites to see in Berlin :)

Nah, only joking! I can still see the pull that brought us to this great city. It’s so so so cheap! We’ve managed to live gloriously in a stunning apartment by working just twice a week. I’ve found a very new city that’s still being built with history in your face. Great food alongside terrible Indian curry restaurants. Pubs lit by candles where people are still allowed to smoke, even though in the rest of Germany it’s illegal. A city where no one wears a suit or heels. Where the underground runs on time but every train we’ve been on has been delayed. Where in the winter people are covered from head to toe in warm clothing but run around happily naked in a mixed spa. Where you get shouted at for crossing a road on red. People get caught without a tube ticket all the time and fined a mere €60. Nothing is open on a Sunday. Literally nothing… and yet it has a charm and it has felt pretty amazing to live in this capital city for a few years.

We are both super excited about moving to Liverpool… more on that super soon :)


  1. We wanted to visit you in Berlin, but we didn’t have a chance😢
    We miss you!

  2. “A city where no one wears a suit or heels.” Heaven! 😀

    I’ll be sorry not to be getting any more of your Berlin food news but I look forward to reading about your Merseyside adventure. Love Liverpool :)

  3. Can’t wait to be in the same country as you!!!
    It was quite pricey for me to get up to Scouseland but I will try to meet up with you sometime in the new year! x

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