Things to do with eggs

Don’t eat them all at once…

So, as Jason mentioned yesterday, we haven’t seen any chocolate Easter Eggs on sale here at all. They have the little ones, but I’m talking about those massive hollow ones that are found alongside Maltesers or Mars bars.

As children, we used to paint eggs around Easter time. So I thought it would be a good chance to get crafty. Hollowing out the eggs is not the most pleasant of experiences. You need a pin to prick holes at the top and the bottom of your egg. Then you blow really hard, covering one hole with your mouth and pushing the egg contents into a bowl. I have no photos to show you, as it is super gross. But the omelette we made from the insides was delicious, in case you were wondering.

photo 3photo 4Then you get some acrylic paint and draw whatever you like on the eggs. You can be as detailed or as abstract as you like. Then you hang them up on a tree branch or even on the trees outside, as our neighbour has done. Absolutely beautiful and a great project for kids and bigger kids.

photoToday, my grandmother was randomly in Berlin over the weekend, so she came over for breakfast with my cousins. Jason and I have often stayed with her in the village and every Sunday we get a boiled egg for breakfast. I was excited to repay the favour. Our eggs were even more special! You can buy egg colourer in most supermarkets for less than a euro. You get little pills that dissolve in hot water.

photo 5Once your (preferably white-shelled) eggs are boiled, you place the eggs into bowls of colour for a few minutes.

photo 1Then you get edible eggs with colour! Add cute little chicks and an Easter-themed serviette and your Easter table is complete!

photo 2Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you are all eating as much chocolate and ice cream as I am! :)

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