The Tag Cloud

Über den Wolken…

So, I’ve been busy working on the blog again. And I wanted to bring it to your attention as you may or may not have noticed. Go to the homepage and on the right of the blog posts are some exciting new features. I have always enjoyed something called a Tag Cloud, although I only recently learnt the term for this. It is the blue writing that you use to tag your posts. The more tags of the same category, the bigger the font becomes. As we mostly write about food, you are probably not surprised that the biggest text letters are actually the words nom nom nom. This makes me very happy, as my favourite thing to do is eat.

It’s very simple, you just add a widget called a ‘Tag Cloud’. Then you give it a title (ours is: The Best Bits) and then you tag all of your posts.

So now, if you are hungry, just click on nom nom nom and look at all the things we think are nommy. And if you are coming to Berlin, click on discovered in Berlin. I’m sure you all can guess what comes under the cheesecake writings – haha! I am trying to get that blue text to increase in size, so I’m going to have to eat more cheesecase! Watch this space!



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