The naked Germans are out already!

You can leave your hat on…

Well, first bit of nakedness spotted today by Jason on the way to work at Wannsee. The sun is definitely shining brightly but it’s still a bit chilly here, however in true I’m-German-and-gonna-get-naked fashion, here is male number one:


I’ve told you all about how Germans are a lot less prudish than us Brits in terms of getting naked and well, here is some proof. Us Brits are almost as bad, with our tiny bikinis in the park as soon as a sliver of sun shines through the clouds, but at least we cover up a tiny bit more than this man. If you look very closely (not that I am doing that of course – ahem – I’m an English lady!!) you can even see a bit of bottom. Ahem. Enjoy your week folks :)


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