The Bird for Burgers

I wish you could smell what I’m smelling…

It has been three days since we went to The Bird. I’m still full. This tells you a lot. It’s very exciting in fact. Let me tell you more, much much more. No, actually, let me just show you the photos first:

photo 1 (1)photo 2 (2)

I know, right? Omg, can you see the BBQ sauce oozing? To understand the taste you need to watch this video: Oh My Dayum! I’m dribbling all over again…

The place is always packed. It’s known as the best burger place in Berlin and I can’t (yet) contest this. It can take many hours of trying to get through to the restaurant to get a booking. The staff are rude – the first time we went they were so unbelievably rude we left the restaurant. [A friend is on the Keto diet and wanted a diet coke – the waitress said they don’t serve diet drinks when the burgers are 2000 calories… she was so rude we spoke to the manager, who then told us the same thing. So yeah, we ended up leaving in protest…]

This time the staff were a bit better. The place is steaming – literally. There is no air-con and we were sweating. You wait a long time for your food, but they warn you about that. They also warn you that if you order your burger well-done:

It’s burnt offering
You have destroyed a piece of nature
and the Chef hates you

Their words not mine. Hilarious though. I got mine medium-rare and it was bleeding. Yum! (Sorry to any vegetarians out there…) So. Much. Meat! I love it – I’m not a fan of the bun – it’s all about the burger. These people understand me!

Plus the chips… Mmmmm… the chips. So many different cuts and all made to perfection. One friend ordered the steak – and luckily shared it with us all. By far the most tender and juicy steak I have ever tasted – we all got a shock when the steak came to more than our table of five’s food and drink put together – you have been warned. But wow – this place is delicious. Absolutely mouth-wateringly, dribbly divine. You have just got to go and experience it for yourself. And when you do, take me with you!

The Bird: Am Falkplatz 5, 10437, Berlin


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