The Best Cheesecake in Berlin?

Food, glorious food…

Bingo! Success! Yippeeeeeee! We have discovered it!

cakeAfter nearly ten days of searching high and low, far and wide, and all over town, we have come across the most perfect cheesecake. It is thick and creamy and it coats the inside of your mouth. I tried to eat it quickly, worried that the world might end before I finish this morsel of perfection. However it was hard. Each bite I took made me utter “mmmmmmmmmm” loudly. To add to my pleasure, it was a slice of lemon cheesecake. My hand was almost shaking as I cut the cake and put it onto my fork. My eyes looked longingly at it. My nose could feel the vague scent of lemon coming closer. My mouth was already open, ready for more. And then the intense creamy flavour would reach my taste buds. Happiness would fill out my mouth, my head, my whole body. “Mmmmmmm” I would utter, once again, amazed at how yummy a simple piece of cake could be. How a few ingredients could make something so special, so wonderful, so delicious.

I tried so hard to savour it, to eat more slowly so I could keep my senses happier for longer. But alas, when it was eaten it was over.

My mouth is salivating whilst I write this. All I can think about is another slice. I think we both know where I will be going this afternoon…

Check it out yourself: – see you inside 😉


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