Take That in Concert

Could this be the Greatest Day?

I still remember hearing the song ‘Could It Be Magic’ for the first time. I was a child, lying in bed and the radio was on. Instantly I loved the song and knew I would become a fan. Then, the first poster I ever bought was of Take That – in the days when there were still five of them. I had started a crafting business with a friend making buttons and friendship bracelets and we had managed to make around £20 – not bad for two girls probably still under 10 years old. Amongst the things we bought was that poster that went straight onto my wall. I loved the music, was a massive Robbie fan (and Mark too of course) and dreamed of seeing them live.

IMG_0086One of my best friends Kathi was also a massive fan. She took it to a whole new level, remembering the guys’ birthdays etc (she still remembered them last week OMG!!). Slowly I moved over to Boyzone and became completely obsessesed with the Irish boyband and at 13 went to see them in concert with Kathi and my cousin. So when Take That were splitting up, I was already into another band and didn’t take the news that badly, but I’ve always loved Take That.

When Kathi said she was going to try and get us tickets to their reunion a few years back I said I would definitely come – even though I was living in Japan – seeing Take That was worth it. We never managed to get tickets and I was ever-jelly of Jason’s mum who manages to go and see them every year.

For my birthday this year, Jason surprised me with two tickets to see Take That at the Berlin Velodrom. I knew Jason was desperate to go and see them (ahem), but I needed to go with Kathi and as we were belting out the words and screaming our hearts out I was transported back to those teenage years. Gary was amazing – he’s definitely improved with age, Howard was prancing all over the stage and even did some funny ballet-dance with Mark. They played the old songs, including ‘Could It Be Magic’. I never thought I would get to see them live and that they would perform my song – I’m still beaming and listening to their albums all over again. If you get the chance to see them just do it – they are such great entertainers, great singers, funny and they played over 20 songs non-stop. Recently I’ve been annoyed at some concerts as all they do is chat about themselves instead of singing (I’m looking at you Pentatonix) but this was good old-fashioned MUSIC and singing all the way. We fluttered our British Flag, ate ice cream and they definitely ‘Relit My Fire’… It really was the ‘Greatest Day’ and I hope they are ‘Back For Good’ as I will ‘Never Forget’ them 😉




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