Guest Blog: Steph visits the Community Garden

StephAs an Eco Warrior and Friends of the Earth campaigner, I have heard that Berlin is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in Europe. Indeed this appears to be true and as a resident of Manchester in the UK, I hope that it will also follow suit. After all, Manchester does twin itself with Berlin so it better get a move on!

I was lucky enough to visit a community garden in Stadtteilgarten Schillerkiez on the grounds of the old Templehof Airport, which was no less than stunning. Flowers, fruits and veg were growing from a number of quirky pots, raised beds and even old shoes! You could venture in and out of the plots and have a look what is growing inside. I was particularly impressed with the giant sunflowers that overlooked the massive park where people run, cycle and even kite board.

A faint buzz in my ear lured me over to the honey bee hives in the centre of the garden. Honey bees are often used as pollinators in a community garden and I could see these bees were definitely doing their job!
Community gardens and allotments are on the increase in cities as they help to reclaim land, create habitats for many insects, bring people together and provide free food. This garden had such a peaceful yet energetic atmosphere and it is a great asset to the city. A must see!

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