Staying at AirBnBs

Wherever I place my head, that’s my home…

Throughout our entire two week stay in America we decided to use only AirBnB, as neither of us like how impersonal hotels are. It’s great to meet local people and hang out with locals rather than tourists. Hosts always know the best place for a delicious dinner or a random fun adventure to go on.

In New York we stayed with David and Jasper – the cutest dog in the world. Jasper actually jumped on me and ran into our room and just sat inside our suitcase. I wanted to take him home so badly!!

Selfie with Jasper in NY

Selfie with Jasper in NY

Instead of staying in a huge hotel room with white walls and white sheets with typical artwork on the walls, we found out how tiny NY apartments really are. There was space for a small double bed and our suitcase. That’s literally it. Even the staircase in the apartment block felt tiny – everywhere is just trying to save space and squash as many things as possible into a small area. In our apartment the kitchen pots and pans were actually hanging from the ceiling as there was no space for cupboards.

In New Orleans (NOLA) we stayed in two completely different places – the first was bright and colourful and in a slightly ‘dodgy’ part of town. The owners were also a bit quirky – she looked after over 100 stray cats in the area. They also had at least four cats in the house, all adopted and none friendly, and a dog in the back yard who didn’t want to play either. I liked it a lot, it’s the kind of place I’d imagined NOLA to be full of and the locals were interesting. They shouted out ‘hey whites’ as we were literally the only white people there when we walked passed. We were even asked to go on a double date with two shouting locals of which one was worried she would be thrown back into jail. We declined politely… haha.

Our Purple and Orange Home in NOLA

Our Purple and Orange Home in NOLA

The next place we stayed in NOLA was the hipster area – lots of overly-pricey cafes with not much in them and white people in sunglasses in the evenings. Didn’t have much of a local feel and even walking around late at night there we were accosted and told we would get mugged and to be careful. It seems after the hurricane the whole place became quite unsafe and that’s why people stay in the centre of town which is expensive but safer. I prefer how we did it, but you have been warned at least.

You all know about our amazing Jurte experience here in Germany and of course the massive house in Dresden. We also did very conveniently located AirBnBs in Vienna and plan on doing the same for all of our future trips too. If I still haven’t convinced you, then use this link to join up – it gives you €22 off your first visit! Absolutely great offer :)

Or just come and stay with us!!

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