Spring has sprung

Spring fever, spring is here at last
Spring fever, my heart’s beating fast
Get up, get out spring is everywhere

It’s funny how we have listened to locals in Berlin go on and on and ON about the terrible winter. We met people who were going to leave the country for a couple of months. Others told us how it had snowed until April last year. In autumn people told us to enjoy the outdoors while we still could.

I was scared. Really scared. I don’t like the cold. I’m not from ‘up north’ like Jason. If it’s cold I wear a lot of clothes. And if I’m still cold in my winter jacket I don’t leave the house.

So we waited. And waited. And then, about two weeks ago, it happened.

image2Day One: It snowed like crazy. Big fluffy flakes fell from the sky. It was beautiful. Then it turned to ice. It was too slippery to go outside. Jason flew and I skidded all over. Not fun.

Day Two: The rivers were covered in a thick layer of ice. People threw Christmas trees on the ice. It was -14 degrees. Yes, that reads MINUS fourteen. I didn’t even realise it could get to that temperature here. It continued to snow…

Day Three: More snow. But sunshine with it. A wonderful day to take photos.

Day Four: No more falling snow. The sun was melting the snow at an alarming rate. Rivers were melting, Christmas trees were crashing through the ice, into the water below.

I am hoping I haven’t jinxed it, but it feels like spring has arrived. Every day the sun beams down on us. I have to wear my sunglasses at my desk when I write these posts as it is so bright. I brought over my snow boots and I bought some cuter snow shoes too. They were barely worn. But I shall not complain about this… Bring on spring!!

image1So, in conclusion, we had three days of winter here. I have changed the snowy background of the blog to something more fitting. I hope you like it.

Meanwhile in England it rains and rains. It feels like I made a good choice to spend winter in Berlin…

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