Sleeping in a Cucumber Barrel

As cool as a cucumber…

Well, we did it yet again. We saw the most hilarious accommodation ever and decided to visit the surrounding area because of it. Yup, you guessed it, we stayed in a pickled gherkin barrel (Gurkenfass) in the Spreewald, a UNESCO area just one hour south of Berlin by car.

photo 2 (2)

I have to say I was a bit apprehensive of four people squashing together in one of these little vessels and when the owner suggested we take two huts we nearly caved in, but it’s an adventure and I thought it would be a giggle with Jason and I on the bottom and my brother and his fiancee on the top bunk.

photo 1 (1)

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The photos are trying to show you what the inside looks like. Even though it looks tiny, once inside the beds are huge and very comfortable. There is a lovely decking area where you can sit, chat and play boardgames or if it’s really hot, the owners have sliced a wine barrel in half and made a mini pool to dip and cool off in.

photo 1

Previously a wine barrel!

Previously a wine barrel!

Breakfast cost an extra seven euros per person, but it was just what we needed after swimming in the local lakes in the heat. I cannot recommend this place more – after staying in a Mongolian Jurte in Hamburg, this has been another crazy accommodation adventure. I’m excited to see where we will stay next time! I saw some crazy tree houses… watch this space!

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If you want to book a stay at the Gurkenfass, all the information is here. If you’re not an AirBnB member, use this link and you get a nice discount too :)


  1. Oh wow, this is in the Spreewald (which I LOOOVE anyway)? I never knew that kind of cool accommodation existed there :). Thanks for the discovery guys! 😉
    PS: I hope they serve Spreewalder Gurken for breakfast as well?? Can’t see them on the table… :(

  2. This is one of those things that I read about somewhere and wanted to try… it looks like a heap of quirky fun. (I like small spaces anyway…) It looks comfy!

    • You need to come back and try this – I cannot believe how well I slept! And it really was a giggle, especially when it started to rain heavily and thundering at 3am…

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