Scouse at Maggie Mays

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

So, I’m not sure how much you all know about Liverpool, but it was a very important historical seaport. The people from Liverpool are called Scousers (and people from nearby are amusingly called Plastic Scousers). I thought you might like to know why…

The word Scouse comes from ‘lobscouse’ and it is traditionally a type of beef or lamb stew from the Denmark region. Many sailors would eat this food and brought it to the seaport Liverpool. It became very popular here and every family seems to have their own recipe. If you look in all the guide books however, the place to go is Maggie Mays in the centre of town.

photo 2

It’s very quaint and rather a large restaurant, where you go up to the till to order and pay. I like mine with beetroot on the top, but as it’s a stew, you can pretty much bang anything you enjoy on the top. It was pretty delicious, a bit pricey for what it is, but it’s the best in town! Jason and I both agreed that his mum’s Scouse is better, but you can’t beat that home-cooking taste. If you don’t have a local to cook for you, I absolutely recommend you pop in and fill up you tummies on this delicious meal!

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Address: Maggie May’s, 90 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HY


  1. Many centuries ago my hometown Hamburg (northern germany) had been danish. Legend says that some poor starving Hamburgian sailors invented a new dish while sailing on the north sea. They put all the things they had left in the ship’s kitchen in a stew an called it ‘Labskaus’! Pronounce it german! You see the similarity? 😉

    • Yeah – it’s the same idea here, just put in potatoes and meat and then any old thing you have in the fridge. Have you made Labskaus before then? I never saw it in Germany…

  2. Ha! I heard of lobscouse for the first time a couple of weeks ago precisely in the Labskaus context. I have to say, the German version doesn’t sound or look in any way appealing, but somehow your plate up there looks pretty good – a bit less mushy?! In any case, I should probably try both at some point… in the name of research and gaining a complete understanding of both the German and my own national cuisine, obviously 😉

    • Haha – our German friend who came with us to eat at Maggie May’s also didn’t find it particularly appealing, but it’s all about the taste and you for sure have to research this topic thoroughly. I look forward to hearing more 😉

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