Schlachtensee – Paradise in Berlin

Come one, come all…

Well, actually we kinda want to keep this place a secret from you all. There are already far too many people who have discovered this place in South-West Berlin. Let me explain with a photo:

photo 3

I know right? It’s stunning. There are two lakes joined together and called the Schlachtensee. We first came here in the autumn when all the leaves were changing colour and now, in the summertime, it has come alive! I could not even count how many people were here sunbathing, swimming, boating and generally floating around. We have learnt that when the sun shines, everyone in this city gets out their swimmies and heads to a lake to enjoy the sun’s rays.

Sadly it seems that the stereotype is true – unless you arrive super early, you are not going to get your towel anywhere good. There are so many alcoves and private mini areas next to the water’s edge, that coming in the morning and reserving an area for you and your friends is the way to do it.

Check out this guy jumping into the water!

Check out this guy jumping into the water!

There are tree trunks to jump off, ropes to swing over the water, a mini sandy beach, a few ice cream stalls and a restaurant or two dotted around, but mostly you are surrounded by nature. There are two lakes and you can walk around them  – one takes just under an hour, the other one nearly two hours if you stop off to enjoy the scenery and take some photos (and get ice cream of course!).

photo 1

We saw the flipflops and socks combination which amused me and a surprising fact was that I didn’t see a single tomato-person in sight. Everyone was covered in sunscream – no one was even a little burnt. To my horror I also saw a little bit of nakedness – Jason just giggled, but I am far too English to be seeing people wandering around without their bathers on in public – eeep! But who knows – maybe one day we too will embrace our inner German and wear our birthday suits!

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