Salt n Bones –

Don’t worry… we have meat in ze building…

We have finally found the perfect place for meat!! Can I get a ‘whoop whoop‘ please? Although the burgers at The Bird are pretty hard to beat, the service is appalling. At Salt n Bone the meat is amazing, they have tons of beers and ciders to choose from and the staff are so friendly I felt like I was back in America.

We went there hungry and sat outdoors in the sunshine. The three of us shared some scotch eggs (yup – this can be made into a posh food), kimchi and the 2-person meat-platter. Now if I’m honest I could have eaten the whole thing myself and just been a fattyfatty-bumbum, but it’s not cheap and we needed to walk to the train station afterwards, which is impossible when you’re too full to breathe – haha.

Look at the food people:

photo 2 (1)

photo 1

photo 3

Now let me explain. The best bit was the meat on sticks – pork belly with homemade sweet potato sauce. I might have to take a break here to wipe away my dribble… ahem… In the words of Mr Leather: ‘I’m not really a fan of pork belly as it’s normally chewy and too crispy, but this I just put in my mouth and BOOM – it melted away.’ It was the same story with the ribs (OMG just noticed myself licking my lips – haha) – they just fell off the bone. The chicken was pretty normal, the homemade sausage very crumbly and not really my thing as I prefer them greasier, but the homemade coleslaw and fat chips were just perfect. Even the dips and kimchi were made there and everything tasted fresh and delicious. The guys next to our table asked what we were eating full of jealousy and when we were done the only thing I wanted was more. With drinks, the bill came to €60 – not the cheapest meal in Berlin, but I actually defy you to find somewhere with nicer staff and better meat on sticks!

Address: Salt N Bone, Schliemannstraße 31, 10437 Berlin.


    • I was telling a friend about the pork belly today and she is desperate to go – haha! You must definitely go there next time you’re in Berlin :)

        • Oh well done – nom nom nom – I’m a little jelly now! Good thing I just ate half my weight in wedges otherwise I’d probably have to run straight back to Berlin. Actually went to a similar place to Salt n Bones in Liverpool yesterday and it was amazing and included pulled pork… post coming soon 😉

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