Sacrower See

The Big Bad Wolf…

Known as possibly the ‘best water quality of all the lakes in and around Berlin‘, Sacrower See is just half an hour drive from the capital towards Potsdam. It’s a bit of a hidden gem that only the locals know about, so even on a boiling hot Sunday we managed to find a perfect spot on the sandy beach and have a picnic/ swim-fest. It felt like a holiday. Once you manage to get into the freezing cold water, you can swim out to wonderful views and the water is beautifully clear. There’s even a little restaurant and chip/ ice cream stand when you get peckish. Us ladies brought a load of sandwiches, fruits and cakes and went from eating to swimming to eating more and swimming more. I’m all golden now too! Highly recommended place to swim just outside of Berlin.

You have to walk through the woods to get to the lakes...

You have to walk through the woods to get to the lakes…

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My lovely lady friends :)

My lovely lady friends :)


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