Sabor Latino – best Peruvian in Berlin?

I’m just a little bit caught in the middle…

A friend who also has the dream to go live in South America has been talking about going to this restaurant together for a while. She has a lot of Peruvian friends and Sabor Latino is their favourite place to eat. We were the only non-Spanish speaking people in the restaurant. It was buzzing with staff who knew all the customers and everyone was having a good time. It’s always a good sign when it’s full of Latinos who are obviously regulars here.

We were recommended the Ceviche, which was by far the most delicious dish – a mix of seafood in a lemon/ lime sauce. It was delicious. The rest tasted normal – the steak was normal, the tacos dish was enormous and I can’t even remember what the seaweed-covered-pink dish was, but it was a fun evening and it’s a fun place if you are looking for a Latin American dinner. Just make sure you order the Ceviche – if the fish dish hasn’t persuaded you, then I don’t know what will!!

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Address: Sabor Latino, Badensche Str. 35 – 10715 Berlin

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