Pottery Art Café in Cologne

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone…

Last time I went to Cologne was in the deepest of winter and the town was covered in a layer of white snow. Basically it was bloody freezing and I didn’t want to spend any time outside unless it was drinking mulled wine at the Xmas Market or naked in the spa.

I met Marina in Japan and we had a mini reunion in Cologne with some other friends from Japan and of the four days I spent there, I spent three entire days in Marina’s lovely Pottery Art Café. Honestly, it was just magical. I met up with some school friends who I hadn’t seen in about 15 years, had hot chocolate, painted mice and a cup that my grandmother still uses every morning and listened to Michael Buble playing non-stop.

On this trip, we had come for the boardgame EXPO in the nearby town of Essen, so we only had two days in Cologne, but once again we managed a day in the shop to paint. And it was just as lovely as always.

photo 1

photo 2

The minute you walk through the door, you just relax. We had been rushing around for days with heavy bags and crowds of people and suddenly our only job was to concentrate and draw for a couple of hours. Absolute bliss. Michael Buble was on in the background again and we both painted a candle holder – totally different styles but they both turned out lovely. The shop has tons of tutorials and you can use as many colours and paint as you like. There are lots of finished products dotted around the Café for you to ‘steal’ ideas from and everyone inside is very chatty. A lovely way to spend a day in Cologne and the best thing is that you can keep a souvenir of your trip forever!

photo 3

The finished product :)

The finished product :)

There are two Cafés in the center of Cologne for you to choose from. I’ve always been to: Arndtstraße 2, 50676 Köln.

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