Piazza Michelangelo Restaurant

It’s a-Mario…

I’m not sure we’ve even told you about Jason – he has a foot injury and can barely walk. It’s been almost two weeks and an X-Ray, MRI scan and various doctors have told him to keep off his leg and rest. Difficult when you’re hungry, so we tried out the closest restaurant for dinner last week and it was delicious.

While in England the restaurants seem to be mostly Indian or Chinese, here there are Italian restaurants littered on every corner. I think it’s expensive and so easy to cook at home, that Ristorante Piazza Michelangelo was actually one of the first Italian restaurant we have been to in Berlin. It was actually extremely delicious and well-priced. I got black worms with salmon (squid ink pasta – haha) and Jason got an epic pizza. The service was good albeit slow, but the pasta was made on the premises and worth-waiting for and the place seems to be packed most nights – always a good sign in my books! And there’s so much fish…

The place has a lovely outdoor area you can sit in when the weather is warmer and the inside is very cozy and feels homely. Check it out if you want to eat pasta out rather than making it yourself!

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Address: Breitenbachplatz 4, 14195 Berlin-Steglitz

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