Photography Course


We bought ourselves a proper camera for Christmas and I have been enjoying playing with it, but it is time to study. So I bought an online photography course with E Learning Photography . You are assigned 10 modules and they are very simple to follow. At the end of each unit you have to submit some photos for a specific theme which you get feedback on. Then there is a short test, and if you pass you move onto the next module. It’s been a while since I have studied in this way (I did a Journalist Writing Diploma a couple of years ago), but I am taking notes and learning. Instead of rushing through it quickly, I have decided to try and be patient and actually learn. This is very unlike me by the way. Ahem.

So, in the first unit, we learnt about the camera and the names of all the buttons. The assignment was to look outside the box and try to find the first letter of our names displayed in unusual places. I saw Vs all over the place. In plant leaves. Between the kitchen tiles. In an open pair of scissors. Spreading across my hair-straightener. I took a whole load of photos and submitted these two. I hope you like them and I hope it means the photos on our blog will now be more beautiful to look at! :)



  1. The snow looks heavenly.
    … and yeah, I dont know if I am imagining this, but in the second photo, the snow pattern looks like a squirrel ! 😀

    Hope you enjoy both photography and NaBloPoMo !

  2. Haha – that’s awesome! I love taking photos of smiley faces on normal objects or seeing images in the clouds – maybe that will be my next project! Thanks for commenting :)

  3. That’s exciting taking a photography course. I’d love to learn more about taking photos. Right now it is just point and click and hope for the best! ;o)

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