Photo Booths – Fun and cheap giggles in Berlin


One of the first things we did in Berlin is pop into a Photoautomat and take some fabulously silly photos of ourselves eating doughnuts (I hope you understand how absolutely hilarious we are here… the word Berliner means doughnut in German – haha).


We used to have these photo booths all over the place in London and I have some really cute photos of my brother and I as kids, barely tall enough to get our heads into the photo-frame, even though we are sitting on the provided chair. I still have some old photos for passports and ID as well and some amazing ones of my parents and random guests who came to visit us. My favourite film is Amélie, so I’m sure you can guess how much I love these kinds of photos. They have the high-tech version in Japan, but I like the black-and-white old-fashioned style so much. Our ones are hanging on the fridge and they will be a wonderful reminder of our time eating doughnuts in Berlin forever. If you want to see them, just look on our About Page.

Whenever we walk by a booth there are always people inside taking photos. They are so popular, there is even a website to find where they are placed. It costs two euros, so there is no excuse – if you are in Berlin and looking for some cheap fun with a great memory attached, find a photo booth!


  1. You have seen, there is some uniqlo ad on the left side??!! O____o

    Anyway lets go and make some pictures together!! :)

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