Cookbook Club

I can resist everything… except temptation…

Yes, you read the title correctly. We have joined a COOKBOOK CLUB! It’s amazing and fabulous and everything and more than you are currently imagining. Let me give you some details.

SF Cover

A group of people meet in Delifonesca in Liverpool. We all purchase (or borrow from a library etc) the SAME cookbook. This month it was Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Food. Then every attendee picks a recipe and makes it for the whole group! They’ve even cleverly made an Excel sheet that you fill in with what you want to eat to make sure no one is cooking the same thing! Brilliant!

If it’s your first time, you don’t need to bring any food, just pay the £5 to join in the evening and then any drinks you purchase. Jason and I loved the idea so much, we decided to get stuck right in. We made the cosy squash soup with chickpea salad flatbreads (p. 122) and the super-food protein loaf which is wheat-free, gluten-free and tasty (p. 68). I have to say both were delicious, especially the bread – it was super easy to make and it came out perfectly. I’m not a big recipe-follower, I kind of chuck in a bit of this and a bit of that, but here I felt like I needed to follow the instructions completely, so the other members wouldn’t think I’m cheating – haha.



Mmmmmm, here is the chicken, the winning lasagne and the muffins on the left

Here is the delicious bread we made and the chickpea mix is in the background

Here is the delicious bread we made and the chickpea mix is in the background

What I love the most about this idea (other than chatting to some lovely people and EATING) is that it gives you a chance to properly go through a recipe book. We own a whole load of cookbooks that we both have one or two recipes that we use all the time. The rest of the book is never attempted or even looked at. From this Cookbook Club evening, we discovered a whole load of recipes in the same book. Now we know which other things we want to try and make and also very importantly, how they taste! They also tried a new thing, which was to vote for your favourite dish – January’s winner was the lasagne, which was just divine! We also got to taste sweet potato muffins, chicken stew, 4 different nut butters and a bean casserole. Such a wonderful idea and we’re already excited for February – we shall be using a Korean Cookbook called Kimchi! Finally I will be making kimchi!

For more info and to see which book we’ve chosen for the next month, check out this link :)

Moon and Pea

May the force be with you…

I’ve found my new favourite cafe in Liverpool already. As soon as we arrived we grabbed an Independent Liverpool card, which gives you a free drink or percentage off your meal at local restaurants. There are no big chains involved, just small cafes that aren’t run by massive corporations. I love finding a hidden hot chocolate that can’t be beaten and Independent Liverpool makes it so easy!

Moon and Pea was top of my list of places to try in Liverpool. I’d heard only exciting things about Lark Lane and it’s all true! This street has tons of cute places to grab a bite and this one is wonderful. Just look at our breakfast if you’re still unsure:

photo 4

photo 3

I had the most perfectly done eggs and Jason went for the full English breakfast with black pudding! Luckily we had eaten a snack beforehand, so Jason couldn’t finish his off, so I happily helped to scrape those potatoes and sausages into my mouth. Everything was delicious. The place was so full we had to wait for a table and yet still the staff had time to come and say hi and ask if we were enjoying the meal. It’s got a great atmosphere and they played Michael Buble, so it’s a sure-fire hit for me…

The fun doesn’t stop at the point when you pay the bill either. We got 10% off with our Independent Liverpool card as well as a free coffee with a breakfast menu. They put a few Drumstick lollipops on the tray and I already can’t wait to go back :)

photo 5

Address: The Moon and Pea, 64 Lark Lane, Aigburth, Liverpool, L17 8UU

Calm down calm down…

We’re oop norf…

Sorry lovely readers, we’ve been so completely swamped with things to do and STILL having no internet, that we’ve not been able to write any posts for a while… but we are back!


So, a quick update: we’ve found the most lovely of lovely apartments. We started off by looking for a two bedroom house, but the Estate Agents completely ignored what we were asking for. We wanted something ready to be moved into immediately and near Jason’s family. The places they suggested were mostly miles away and the ones we saw were either covered in rubbish (literally – the previous owners hadn’t bothered to even clean up their trash) or needed a lot of work. In the first house, I touched a wall and my hand came away wet. The places stunk of smoke or mould and the bathrooms were grim, in one place they hadn’t even bothered to clean the toilet. We were a bit gutted, as having lived in an apartment in Berlin, we were ready for our own house with a garden, but on the off-chance we had a look at a two-bedroom new build flat and we both fell in love instantly. The carpet is so very soft and lushious and the building is one year old, so no mould, no holes and no problems.

We actually wanted to stay in Berlin purely for our apartment, but we eventually realised that’s not really a good excuse to stay somewhere. It was so big and spacious and incredibly cheap… but to our amazement our new place is even lovelier. Our massive super-king-sized bed just about fits in the bedroom but the double king we brought back from Germany didn’t fit into the spare room, so now we have an office. It’s got Jason’s computer/ nerding-out area and my sewing and crafting area. It’s just all so lovely and we’ve made it homely already. I don’t want to move ever again!

We are loving Liverpool and there’s lots of fun things to tell you about. We’ve explored Lark Lane, China Town, the main shopping area and lots around there too. So keep reading for more :)

Mowgli – The best curry in England?

Stop the Press!!

So last week we ate four curries. We also had a Chinese and a full English Roast, but today I’m going to tell you about the final curry. It was one of the best curries of my life and I half want to keep it a secret from you all and half want to tell the entire world. Mowgli in Liverpool is actually amazing. And you need to understand, for me to say this is a curry not to be missed, well, this is a big deal. It comes from extensive curry tasting and flavour researching all over the world. I nearly died of happiness at my curry-filled days in India and England really does do an amazing Chicken Tikka Masala, but Mowgli is something different from your normal Western curry experience.

It’s all very wooden and quirky inside and often you have to wait for a table – no reservations accepted here. The thing to order is The Office Worker’s Tiffin. You get four stackable bowls and each one is a wonderful surprise.


2Basically you have to be super-trusting of the chef, as in typical Indian style, you have no idea what you are going to get. One rice comes in the top dish and then three random curries. I ALWAYS eat the same dishes when I go for curry, so this was so exciting. I got a butter chicken, a lamb dish and a chickpea in spicy red sauce dish. To make it even more exciting, Jason got lentils, chicken and paneer and our friends got other dishes, so we got to nibble a whole load of different flavours for just £12 each.

My plate of happiness :)

My plate of happiness :)

If you want to order off the menu, be my guest, but I would highly recommend you go with a load of people who love curry and share the random curries you are given. A fabulous experience and I can’t wait to go back!

Address: Mowgli, 69 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4EZ

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