Life Update


Firstly I’d like to say sorry for not even posting last week. In fact it’s been so long without a peek from us, that we are left wondering if any of you are still there? Haha…

We moved to Liverpool at the beginning of December. We’ve actually been working on an exciting project that hopefully soon I can tell you about. We are going to be creating our own work, as one thing we realised in Berlin was that working 9-5 five days a week for someone else just doesn’t do it for us. I like to work. I like to be pushed and learn new things. I’ve had some awesome jobs in my life but also some horrendous ones.

I learnt that society makes us believe that we need to work a lot. In London, it’s normal, because you need the money for rent, travel and having fun. Plus working part-time in London is boring, because everyone else is working all the hours and there’s no one to hang out with. In Berlin, life is so incredibly cheap that we got by with us both working just two days a week. It feels like Liverpool is pretty cheap too, so we’re coping with some translation work and savings while we build our dream. It’s a huge challenge, as neither of us know what we are doing, but we are going to try and we are busy creating something you will hopefully all love.

More on that soon.

Healthy Breakfast :)

Healthy Breakfast :)

Other than that, we have been trying to get a bit healthier. My wrist tendinitis is still really bad, currently more than ever. I was told it may be due to bad posture and doing exercise would help with this, so we have joined a gym. It’s strange, as I’ve always been very anti-gyms. I don’t see the point in running on a treadmill when you have parks everywhere. Bike machines? Oh come on… get on your bike! Etc etc etc. However, swimming is one thing I’ve always enjoyed and our gym has a luscious pool. I have also been found more than once on the running machine, purely because since we have been back it has rained almost every single day. I have always said that people shouldn’t moan about the English weather so much, as it’s not that bad. I take all of those comments back. We have just had a week of sunshine. Other than that, we have had TWO DAYS of no rain since moving back here three months ago. No wonder everyone runs in the gym, as the parks are muddy and slippery. I’m still a bit scared of trying weights and all that, but one thing at a time. We run a couple of times a week and the same with swimming. Badminton is our new thing, but I can only play when my wrist isn’t too bad. We also take Jason’s family’s dog out for walks most days. We are eating more vegetables and fruit (more on that soon) and we are feeling good. I’m also baking cakes, cupcakes and biscuits most days, which I love – not really healthy but oh so nommy! And our spare room/ storage room has finally been turned into the craft and office room, so it’s time to get creative.



We are really enjoying being back in England. I might even tell you why we really left Berlin if I’m feeling brave one day soon. For now, there’s your update. We have to go out now and walk the dog – but I promise to blog more and so does Jason :)

Bakchich – Liverpool’s best schwarma!

You don’t make friends with salad…

YES!!! We have found that delicious place that reminds us of Berlin right in the heart of Liverpool! This is such exciting news people – we loved all the delicious schwarma and kebabs Berlin had to offer, but now we don’t have to miss them any longer…

Bakchich is one of those secret places that no one knew was amazing, until a few lucky individuals told their friends. Who told their friends. And then the word was out… Now it’s always busy and rightly so. Half of me doesn’t want to tell you about this place and keep this all a big secret, but really, this meat knowledge needs to be shared!

My brother and his wife were up to visit and with another friend we tried to get into Mowgli’s (our fave restaurant in Liverpool), but sadly everyone knows how amazing that place is and we would’ve had to wait hours for some curry, so we went opposite to try our luck at Bakchich. It was our lucky day, because we managed to grab a table on a busy Saturday night and my brother and I shared the MEAT FEAST! It’s what you do when you just can’t decide between lamb and chicken – because you can have BOTH!

The shared meat feast platter

The shared meat feast platter

Jason's one person chicken and lamb feast :)

Jason’s one person chicken and lamb feast :)

It came with baba ganoush, falafel, kibbeh, bread, pickles, hummus, super friendly staff, great location and best of all it’s super cheap! The crispy skin on the lamb was divine and my favourite bit, but the kibbeh was also so delicious that I’m going to try and make it myself. I can’t wait to go back!

Address: Bakchich, 54 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4ER

Rococo Liverpool

Hit the road Jack…

We were told that Rococo has an amazing high tea and each time we walked by the grandiose building we wanted to pop in, so we finally did. The best bit is definitely the fabulous rooms. It’s located on the second floor and once you’ve climbed up the stairs you end up in what feels like a massive house with many many rooms. You grab what you want to eat in the front room and then wander around to choose your favourite room and comfy chairs. It feels very posh and old-fashioned and you can almost imagine it being used for Pride and Prejudice. Very beautiful.
photo 3 (1)

The food was a bit ordinary sadly. Crazily overpriced for a normal panini and the scones were… okay. I love a good scone with jam and clotted cream but these didn’t taste fresh, more like warmed in the oven and quite mushy. Such a shame. Here are the pics.

photo 1 (1)


photo 2 (1)If you want to impress someone and take them somewhere that looks spectacular, you’ve come to the right place though.

Address: 61 Lord St, Liverpool L2 6PB

Scouse at Maggie Mays

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…

So, I’m not sure how much you all know about Liverpool, but it was a very important historical seaport. The people from Liverpool are called Scousers (and people from nearby are amusingly called Plastic Scousers). I thought you might like to know why…

The word Scouse comes from ‘lobscouse’ and it is traditionally a type of beef or lamb stew from the Denmark region. Many sailors would eat this food and brought it to the seaport Liverpool. It became very popular here and every family seems to have their own recipe. If you look in all the guide books however, the place to go is Maggie Mays in the centre of town.

photo 2

It’s very quaint and rather a large restaurant, where you go up to the till to order and pay. I like mine with beetroot on the top, but as it’s a stew, you can pretty much bang anything you enjoy on the top. It was pretty delicious, a bit pricey for what it is, but it’s the best in town! Jason and I both agreed that his mum’s Scouse is better, but you can’t beat that home-cooking taste. If you don’t have a local to cook for you, I absolutely recommend you pop in and fill up you tummies on this delicious meal!

photo 1

Address: Maggie May’s, 90 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HY

Sapporo Teppanyaki Liverpool

We like to party…

So if you have a birthday to celebrate or just want a fun evening out, I would recommend you try out Sapporo Teppanyaki. It’s all a bit bizarre, as Sapporo is the main city on the Northern Island of Japan and although the meal is meant to be Japanese-style, not one person in the restaurant was Japanese and in the 5 years I lived there, I never had a show-and-play with the food. What I loved though, was sitting in front of a massive hot steel plate and having a personal waiter come to the table to cook for you right in front of your nose.

There are a lot of places that have these kinds of seating arrangements in Japan – but normally the waiter brings you something and you cook it yourself. Typically this would be okonomiyaki. Here in Liverpool, you choose some tasty starters (we got gyoza meat-filled dumplings and a plate of tempura – basically a random load of deep-fried prawns and veggies).

Everything tasted very fresh and came with some lovely sauces. My favourite was definitely the white garlin sauce – om nom nom!

photo 1

The fun part of the experience is the waiters. They throw around their knives and bottles, chuck food into (or near) your mouth for giggles and will set the entire table on fire. I caught a pretty smashing photo of that actually…

photo 2

It was quite hard to pick what we wanted from the menu, in the end we got terriyaki chicken, duck and pork and I’m a little sad we didn’t order the salmon as it looked amazing. It is cooked in front of you and then you get a bowl of rice and noodles alongside it.

photo 4

photo 3

It’s a bit of fun if you don’t mind getting a potato thrown at your head (happened to me without any warning) and sharing tables is okay with you. We went with my dad (second from left) and his best friend and his wife (sadly we didn’t get a photo of all of us). It’s a good giggle for a celebration and next time I’m wearing a hat to protect my head and ordering the salmon!