Our first ever AirBnB guests

I feel good…

We knew from the moment we saw their happy smiling faces that it was going to be fun meeting Tony and Wilma. From their message that read “We’re on a four-month European trip for our 40th wedding anniversary…” we knew they would be the perfect first guests for us.

We were definitely a little nervous, but mostly just excited and happy that someone had picked our apartment over all the others. We have guests all the time. The first two months we were in Berlin we had four days without guests. Yup – you read that correctly. Some days one group would leave in the morning and the next group would arrive that same evening. It was too much – our days were filled with cleaning and washing bed linen. All our money was spent on train tickets and dinners – and this was before we had jobs. So we had to take a guest-break for a month and then it all started again. Haha. And now we have an extra room and our rent is a little higher than we had planned to pay, so AirBnB seemed like the perfect choice. Turns out, it was indeed!

photo 2Jason was here to greet Tony and Wilma with a card and bubbly as they stepped through the door and I ran home for five minutes during my break to say a quick hello.

I know most people in the world are absolutely lovely, but I think we got extra lucky! It felt like we had family over for a few days. We had breakfasts together at 8am (painfully early – haha) and then we would chat in the evenings. Jason and I had spent a whole day cleaning and organising and buying things like face towels and a mirror and nicer hangers etc.

We got to learn all about an area of California that I’ve never been to. They are surrounded by 400 vineyards and it sounded magical. They were sweet enough to invite us stay at their place next year and hopefully we can make that happen. After reading some horror stories about hosting guests on AirBnB, I have to say admit that we felt lucky to have met such wonderful people and we look forward to hosting more people from all over the world. It’s a great experience and I recommend it to you all. You have the chance to turn people down if they are not reviewed/ you don’t think you would get on etc. BUT… If you have been persuaded or are just a little curious and you want to sign up to AirBnB, here is the link! You can sign up to be a guest as well (much better than staying in hotels…). You don’t have to host if you don’t want to or you don’t have the space. And if you want to stay at ours, just click here.

Go travel the world people :)

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