Our first AirBnB guests!

I wanna go home…

We only put our spare room on AirBnB two weeks ago and our first guests arrive tomorrow! I have to say we are a little nervous – will they like the place and review us well? Will we get on? Will we make some new friends in the process?

It’s all very exciting too. We spent this evening cleaning and making everything absolutely perfect. I have to admit I have never ironed pillowcases before and our place is sparkling!

photo (2)
If you haven’t heard of AirBnB before, you need to get involved. Staying at hotels is so last decade… now you can stay with people in their homes when you go on holiday. When 10 of us descended on Dresden, we rented a mansion for us all to stay in – we danced and sang until the early hours in the kitchen and on our recent trip to Hamburg we stayed in a Mongolian Jurte… seriously, the places on AirBnB are amazing – there is a cave in Jordan I have my eye on actually…

If you haven’t yet signed up, here is the link. It’s very easy – and you can do what we did and put your own spare room on there or if you like, your whole apartment while you are on holiday. We had inquiries almost immediately and everyone who contacts us sounds amazing. Tomorrow we have a couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary arriving. We have put some champagne on the bedside table and hopefully we at L&A will also get to celebrate our first successful hosting experience! Wish us luck! :)

And if you or someone you know is visiting Berlin, don’t forget to pass on our link to them. Thank you!!


  1. Sounds so exciting! I have seen commercials here in NY about this program. Look foreard to hearing how it goes!

    • Thank you – I’m excited too – the couple sound absolutely lovely! We will let you know how it goes and maybe you can try it too – I can only recommend it – such a great idea :)

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