OMG I made an Apron!

You’d be happy wrapped in my apron strings

photo 2I remember my mother used to sew everything. I would choose the material and she would sit in the dining room all night making me curtains and cushions.

I also remember having to do sewing lessons in Japan for a few months. I got so excited picking out a lovely blue flowery material to make a dress. I had no idea what to do, so the teacher measured me and taught me how to use a sewing machine. Each week I would work on a little more, hoping finally to own a cute dress that actually fit properly. Alas, it was absolutely enormous. I could not have been more disappointed. I put it on and actually managed to get my friend to squeeze into the dress at the same time. I complained to my teacher who said I must have lost some weight (in actual fact I had put on weight). It never got worn and my interest in sewing vanished.

Then our favourite shop in Germany (Tchibo) starting selling sewing machines. We thought it must be a sign. On a whim, we bought it. It felt crazy – who knows how long we will be in this country? Why are we buying something not only expensive but also heavy, far too heavy to take back home.

On the other hand, both Jason and I want to make our own clothes that fit properly, especially for our dancing hobby. Plus we have time at the moment to make things and I want to embrace my creative side. So yeah, we thought about it for about ten seconds and then simply bought it.

I wanted to make an apron. First I spent about two or three hours trolling through etsy and pinterest for cute ideas. I found this one: Although I changed the shape and the pocket etc, I love the style of this flirty apron.

Not knowing how to sew at all, I thought the project would take months, lots of tears and probably end up in the bin. Luckily, sewing is easy. Yeah, yeah, I know everyone thinks it is super complicated and confusing and fiddly, but nope. I have never done this in my life and I made an apron! I couldn’t be happier with the result.

The part that took the longest, was finding the perfect material. We looked all over. Fluffy, cotton, waterproof… and when I saw purple (Jason’s favourite colour) with polka-dots (my favourite pattern) it was half the job done. I also love red flowers, so the other material was a perfect match. Cutting out all the shapes and sizes was time-consuming and the constant ironing of every piece before and after going under the needle is a little annoying. On the other hand, this has taught me how to iron. Nevertheless, the end result was all worth it. And in case you are wondering, I’m open to ideas for my next project…

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