New Favourite Cheesecake Found!

Happy Birthday to Jason…

It was a few weeks ago that Jason got even older. He will always be my toyboy of course, but he’s slowly catching up to me. Haha. He got a fabulous guitar for his special day from Just Music and I’d been told about a friend’s favourite cake place the day before, so off we went to explore.


Bravo Bravko Kuchenwerkstatt is absolutely nothing-even-slightly exciting. Two massive long tables and a cheesecake counter. However, the canteen feel means you can see the cakes being freshly made and ordering was hard as everything looked delicious.

Jason’s favourite is anything lemon-flavoured, so we got the lemon cheesecake and the lady behind us in the queue said we absolutely had to try the caramel-walnut too – she came at least twice a week for it apparently. It would have been rude to refuse… ahem… and she was right. I think I may have to go again to see if it is my absolute favourite cheesecake place in Berlin, but it’s definitely in the Top Three. The bottom layer is hard and crunchy, but not that it breaks your teeth apart when you bite down. The lemon flavour coats your mouth and the cream-cheese is just beautiful. I have to say the nutty cheesecake won it for me though. I can’t quite explain it to you all, I can show you a photo though 😉

Cheesecake Heaven

Cheesecake Heaven

The only down-side to this place is the slow staff. I wish I was joking here, but the serving lady must have taken over five minutes to take the cake from the window, slice it, put it on a plate and hand it to us. I’ve never experienced service as delicate and calm as this in my life, but it was worth waiting for! Nom Nom Nom!!

We then went for Japanese food at Ishin (this time we went to the one all the Japanese people recommend in Mittelstrasse) and with a friend ate six full meals – fatties alert – and then sang it all off at Karaoke. A great day – looking forward to my birthday now 😉

So much food...

So much food…

All gone - such fatties!!

All gone – such fatties!!

Address: Bravo Bravko Kuchenwerkstatt, Lausitzer Strasse 47, Berlin, 10999.

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