NaBloPoMo – A post every day in February!

Don’t stop believing…

NaBloPoMo_020114_465x287_badgesSo, NaBloPoMo – any idea what that stands for? It’s National Blog Posting Month. Here at Leather and Abel we enjoy a good challenge, so we are (hopefully) going to put up a daily blog post for you to enjoy.

I’m sure on occasion you will just get a photo or a line of text, but other days will be gems of our life here and awesome things to do in Berlin – including where to get more cheesecake… If you are really lucky you might even get a whole list of stuff to do in Dresden (here is hoping that post finally gets written – ahem). If there is anything you want us to write about, now is the time to let us know in the comments section below. Otherwise, pop by whenever you can and check on our progress. And if you want to join in, there is still time. The deadline is the 5th of February, more information here.


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