Goodbye Berlin…

Time to say goodbye…

So lovely readers, I would like to say sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I have been busy writing… A NOVEL! I joined the NaNoWriMo challenge of writing 50,000 words in just the month of November. I managed to hit the target just before the midnight deadline and am pretty chuffed. The novel isn’t finished however and I still want to continue, plus I have a mass-load of editing to do. Tenses got blurred up in the book and it’s going to be a pain to sort it out, but it would be amazing to publish a book one day. I shall keep you in the loop 😉

For now, I promise to write some fabulous things about Berlin, hopefully a bit about Bad Münstereifel, New Orleans… and for those of you who haven’t kept up to date on us… we have exciting news… our doughnut-eating-sausage-filled plate days are over… Exactly one week ago we moved back to Merry Ole England! We are actually Scousing-it-up in Liverpool. As always, we have no plan and no job lined up, but we managed to find a place to live and are moving in today! I have also been on the local website for the Dog’s Trust. So I guess we have some plans… haha! And I know where the best hot chocolate is in the city too!


The photo above is from our last night in Berlin. When you move house in Germany you take literally everything with you. Including the kitchen and the lights… it’s completely bizarre and meant that our last few days were spent in darkness with candles on, whilst eating takeaway food, as we didn’t have anything in the kitchen!

So, we need to update our blog as now we are living in Liverpool. Originally Jason is from here and his family are all based there, so we have been crashing with them and Coco the epic dog and discovering the city and its amazing food scene. The plan is to become the next big Beatles tribute band and play in the Cavern Club all day – haha! Anyway, I hope you shall continue to read about the fun and delicious things we find on our journey, but of course we still have tons of things about Germany and our travels to tell you about as well! We shall also be popping into London all the time, especially as it’s cheap enough up North for us to be able to afford a car! A luxury indeedy! Can’t wait for new adventures to start! :)

If you have any suggestions of things we absolutely must do, or friends you want to share with us, do let us know. We would love to hear from you all :)

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