Matcha Frappachino

You give me reason to live…

There are so many wonderful things about Japan. Seriously, I could spend a whole lifetime telling you about them and I would still need more time. BUT this is my most favourite thing that money can buy in the land of the Rising Sun.

Matcha Frappachino from Starbucks (plus a hot cinnamon roll).

photo1For those who have tried it, you are already converts. I know. There is nothing to dislike about this most miraculous of drinks. Some might think it’s a weird green iced tea with cream, but it is so so so SO much more. Green tea is already one of the most amazing flavours in the world and you are adding to this a hefty layer of cream on a hot and humid summer’s day in Japan.

You can actually feel the coolness of the fluid going down your throat as you drink it, instantly refreshing your body from the inside. I cannot express in words the deliciousness of the flavour, you just need to go and try it. We had one every single day of our trip there (don’t judge – if you have tried it, you will know why). Both Jason and I made sure the minute we stepped off the plane, we ran towards the nearest Starbucks to quench our cravings. I will also admit, that once I actually had four in one day (all of these with extra cream), but that was a long time ago now.

If you are in Japan at the moment, I’m jealous. I have been told by numerous spies that there is currently a Matcha Brownie Frappachino on sale at Starbucks right now – it’s only for a limited time, so I am going to have to see if we have the funds to go back to Japan this month to get some – haha!


This Starbucks in Kurashiki was asking the customers to make origami paper cranes for Hiroshima.

Have you ever had a Matcha Frappachino? And if not… have you been persuaded to rush to Japan immediately to try one?

*Just a quick note to say that there are actually many Starbucks in Asia that sell this drink and very occasionally also in the West if you are very lucky. I also have a friend who brings Green Tea Powder to Starbucks in London and gives it to the staff there who will prepare this magical drink for them. Something to keep in mind..

*Jason Edit: For those of you who need an extra hard kick of green tea goodness, you can ask the staff to double the green tea powder in the drink for free. It tastes SO GOOD!


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