Make your own Rittersport Chocolate

There is nothing better than a good friend… except a good friend with chocolate…

I could not agree more with Linda Grayson’s quote about chocolate. BUT – how about improving it:

There is nothing better than a good friend… except a good friend with HOMEMADE chocolate…

Yes, I like that even more. If you are a fan of Rittersport read on (you already know I love the stuff – just see here) and it’s been a whole year since I promised this post, so here it finally is! Bunte Schokowelt is a whole shop dedicated to Rittersport. You can buy bags, clothing, tins, phone covers and so much chocolate in so many flavours! But if you want something really unique, jump in the queue to make your own chocolate flavoured Rittersport.

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You choose whether you prefer milk or dark chocolate and then you have to try and pick a maximum of 3 different yummy things to sprinkle inside your chocolate bar for taste.

photo 2photo 3

It’s such a hard choice and they make it even harder by having a few special toppings to choose each day as well. The smiling staff mix it all up and put it into the forms and let it cool. Normally you wait about 45 minutes before you can pick it up, which is the perfect amount of time needed to go upstairs to the cafe and enjoy some chocolate fondue with a hot chocolate. Then you pick up your personal chocolate square and enjoy – give it to a friend if you like, but I find it’s always better to just eat it all yourself 😉


Address: BUNTE SCHOKOWELT, Französische Straße 24, 10117 Berlin


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