Living in Germany for exactly one year…

Happy Birthday to us!


Yup, exactly one year ago today, we set foot on the land of sausages and beer. We would like to say thank you to all of you for reading, whether you were there from the start or you have joined us during our journey. It’s been a fabulous year, full of cheesecake, finding a beer I actually enjoy drinking, making some amazing friends and doing a variety of jobs. We have moved into the most amazing apartment ever and Jason has amassed a huge collection of board games. I have dabbled into photography and gardening, whilst trying to get my craft on. It’s been so much fun – Berlin is such a crazy city and it’s so unbelievably cheap that I’m surprised you haven’t all decided to make the move yourselves!


I know the saying is overused but time really has flown by since arriving Berlin a year ago. I can still vividly remember sitting in seats 1A and 1B on our flight over, enjoying some champagne and second helpings of scones and nervously anticipating our new life in Germany. So much has happened since we arrived that it can be hard to remember all of the fun things we have done. Luckily however, we have this lovely little blog which has documented all our thoughts and feelings since arriving. As Vanessa has said, Germany is the land of sausages and beer (of which plenty have been consumed), but it is also the land of boardgames. It has not only helped fuel my crazy obsession for the hobby but also been key to us both creating some wonderful friendships with people here too. Who knows what the year ahead will bring but I can’t wait to find out.

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We hope you have enjoyed reading and that you continue to check in on us from time to time :)


  1. It’s amazing !! It will be a year for me too next month and I have the same feeling that time flown by so fast !! We are living so many things, it never stops and berlin is definitely so crazy, so cheap.
    I will make a long report of my experience here too next month !
    I’m glad I met you guys during my journey !

    Good luck for Berlin season 2 😉


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