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Firstly I’d like to say sorry for not even posting last week. In fact it’s been so long without a peek from us, that we are left wondering if any of you are still there? Haha…

We moved to Liverpool at the beginning of December. We’ve actually been working on an exciting project that hopefully soon I can tell you about. We are going to be creating our own work, as one thing we realised in Berlin was that working 9-5 five days a week for someone else just doesn’t do it for us. I like to work. I like to be pushed and learn new things. I’ve had some awesome jobs in my life but also some horrendous ones.

I learnt that society makes us believe that we need to work a lot. In London, it’s normal, because you need the money for rent, travel and having fun. Plus working part-time in London is boring, because everyone else is working all the hours and there’s no one to hang out with. In Berlin, life is so incredibly cheap that we got by with us both working just two days a week. It feels like Liverpool is pretty cheap too, so we’re coping with some translation work and savings while we build our dream. It’s a huge challenge, as neither of us know what we are doing, but we are going to try and we are busy creating something you will hopefully all love.

More on that soon.

Healthy Breakfast :)

Healthy Breakfast :)

Other than that, we have been trying to get a bit healthier. My wrist tendinitis is still really bad, currently more than ever. I was told it may be due to bad posture and doing exercise would help with this, so we have joined a gym. It’s strange, as I’ve always been very anti-gyms. I don’t see the point in running on a treadmill when you have parks everywhere. Bike machines? Oh come on… get on your bike! Etc etc etc. However, swimming is one thing I’ve always enjoyed and our gym has a luscious pool. I have also been found more than once on the running machine, purely because since we have been back it has rained almost every single day. I have always said that people shouldn’t moan about the English weather so much, as it’s not that bad. I take all of those comments back. We have just had a week of sunshine. Other than that, we have had TWO DAYS of no rain since moving back here three months ago. No wonder everyone runs in the gym, as the parks are muddy and slippery. I’m still a bit scared of trying weights and all that, but one thing at a time. We run a couple of times a week and the same with swimming. Badminton is our new thing, but I can only play when my wrist isn’t too bad. We also take Jason’s family’s dog out for walks most days. We are eating more vegetables and fruit (more on that soon) and we are feeling good. I’m also baking cakes, cupcakes and biscuits most days, which I love – not really healthy but oh so nommy! And our spare room/ storage room has finally been turned into the craft and office room, so it’s time to get creative.



We are really enjoying being back in England. I might even tell you why we really left Berlin if I’m feeling brave one day soon. For now, there’s your update. We have to go out now and walk the dog – but I promise to blog more and so does Jason :)


  1. Now i’m really curious! Why did you leave Berlin in the first place? Why do you have to be brave to tell us? Oh dear, what happened!? And what kind of ‘business’ are you building up? Good luck to you!

    • Haha – all will be revealed soon. It’s all very exciting but we are also super nervous. I hope to blog about it in the next couple of weeks :)

  2. Yay, good update.

    I’ve been putting a toe into the waters of working out myself,because I’m physically phhhhht. I look forward to hearing more of your adventures in fitness.

    • I have terrible shin splints today and not even been exercising for the past few days – haha – be warned of the pain, but after a run or swim it actually makes me want to eat better too. Wanna hear about your adventures too!! :)

  3. I also believe that society tries to force us to work 5 days a week when it’s unnecessary. When I was at Sony I was able to live off of the 9-1 hours that I had, but mainly because I got 15 an hour to work there. I did plan to do lots of things that I wanted to do in the other hours, but I got more and more side jobs until I was working more hours than I would have done normally, and ended up exhausted. I would love to work part time again and enjoy the world again. I’m very jealous you two have the translation thing going – I think it’s a case of who you know, to be able to get enough jobs in.

  4. Ooh, now I’m intrigued about why you left Berlin!

    I would love to work part time, but I think Jan would be happiest if the working week was MORE than 40 hours! He loves his job.

    • I think it would be great to work at something you love so much that you want to work more. I’ve had some pretty horrendous jobs but also a few amazing ones… it’s always the people that make or break a job for me really. We’re starting our own business now and we’re going to be working harder than ever… hopefully we enjoy it as much as Jan 😉

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