Justice Served for Lunch

Whenever Vanessa is working, I usually pop along during her break pop along to say hello and join her to share some food. Lunch breaks at work are usually pretty relaxing and uneventful until today that is…

While we were eating some pasta in a park, we see a guy sprint up the steps and straight across to the other side. I didn’t think much of it at the time until around 30 seconds later when a group of young girls and an older man came up the same steps and asked us if they we had seen a person run by in a green jacket.

Then it dawned on me. The man we had just seen was a thief trying to run away.

We pointed them in the right direction and they moved quickly away while talking on the phone. I decided I should go run across the park where the thief had run to see if he was still somewhere to be seen.

Just as I got to the corner, I heard the girls scream in recognition of the thief at the same time I spotted him. Before I could even take another step, two police officers emerged out of seemingly nowhere and slammed the thief to the ground and pinned him there face down into the concrete. Incredible!

The thief was carted away in a police car and the girls came back through the park to find their other friends. We asked them what exactly had happened as they passed by us.

It turns out that their group were sat in a nearby McDonalds and this thief had come along, slipped a piece of paper over a phone on the table and then tried to make his escape. The girls immediately gave chase, splitting into two groups to find him. They called the police straight away and were coordinating with officers as they searched — which explains why the police were on the scene so fast and were able to catch the robber.

Staff at McDonalds had supposedly told the girls afterwards that the man was a well-known thief in the shop but it seems like nothing stopped him from striking at his favourite spot.

Anyway, I’m incredibly glad that the girl got their phone back while a well-known thief has been caught red handed. What an weird twist to a lunch break!

Who knows what will happen next time?!

Justice Pasta

Justice Pasta!


  1. wow! how exciting! the sad thing is that in Berlin there are a lot of pickpockets and robbers in the touristic spots. :( it’s depressing that they have a lot of success being criminal. but it’s kind of fun that you guys witnessed this episode and had a little exciting story dringend lunchbreak! :)

      • Yeah, a very happy lunch break story really… we had a friend who was nearly pickpocketed in a bar here – about twenty minutes later a guy came up to our table and said we should check we still have all our valuables, because he knew the strange guy sitting behind us was a well-known thief. I don’t know why he waited so long to tell us… luckily we noticed he was being weird and moved our bags away.
        It seems this is normal in any big city sadly…

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