I can’t help myself

It’s got to beeeeeee… perfect!

Another post about Magnum. I think maybe I should be getting paid by them at this rate – but this one is amaze! I love the name Infinity… and wish the ice cream would go on for infinity… hehe!

photo 1photo 2

Is anyone else out there as obsessed with ice cream as I am? I got a little confused over Easter and went mad eating ice cream… then I realised my mistake and started scoffing chocolate – yummy!

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  1. Well I don’t know what the Germans are like up where you are but if they’re anything like down here then you must fit in perfectly – they are absolutely mad for ice cream round this way! All the ice cream places opened weeks ago with the very first inkling that the sun might come out for 30 seconds and there’ve been queues for cones non-stop ever since. Bonkers they are. Bonkers.

    I love ice cream too though. And I do love a Magnum :)

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