How long to spend in Magdeburg?

Ooh ah, just a little bit…

I’m just going to tell you how it was. This week, we rented a car with three friends from Berlin and went on a little holiday adventure to the Harz. Stories about this stunning part of Germany will follow soon, but on our journey we needed a pit-stop. Basically, I needed a wee. Ahem.

A sign said Magdeburg City was just ahead, so we left the Autobahn and headed into what can only be described as a super ugly town. All the buildings were cement-grey blocks, no trees aligned the streets and there was building work all over the place.

Luckily from a distance I spotted some familiar golden bulbs on the top of a building. It looked like something my favourite male artist Hundertwasser would have made. Suddenly the city looked beautiful! We wandered over to look at the most amazing housing block ever. Bright pink and full of plant life, it literally saved the city in my eyes.

photo 1Friedensreich Hundertwasser was an Austrian artist. I first discovered him when I visited Vienna with my father as a child. Hundertwasser didn’t believe in the straight line, and so all the walls and floors in the building I visited were curved or slanted. If you look closely at the photo, you can even see the floor isn’t even.

photo 3photo 2He wanted to rekindle the love affair between human and nature, so plants cover the walls, the roofs and any extra spaces. Everything is bright and colourful. It’s magical and exciting! So when we found this in Magdeburg it was an absolute joy! I want to live in these apartments so badly!

On a plus side, the café had delicious waffles and it’s just a lovely little place to sit and enjoy the unusual scenery.

photo 4

We also discovered two other cool things in the city. A shop selling medieval clothing!! I wanted everything in this place and it was very reasonably priced too.

photo 7photo 6

And these epic figures crawling to the top of this building.

photo 5But basically, if you happen to pass by Magdeburg, an hour is more than enough. Then, get back into the car and head towards the Harz!


  1. Thank goodness you needed a wee or you would have missed these fantastic buildings! I’ve never seen anything like them!

    • Haha that’s a great way of thinking about it! Made me laugh! His buildings are actually all over the world and definitely worth a look! Really colourful and different. Thanks for the comment :)

  2. This place is so reminiscent of the Gaudy architecture in Spain (Barcelona?).

    Don’t you think it’s fascinating the way something ugly or foreign can somehow be transformed into something quite special by a coincidence? Adjacent architecture. (Though who knows whether the presence of such mundane construction might have spurred Hundertwasser to think outside the box.

    We love stopping at spontaneous locations — for no more reason than a whizz or an excuse.

    Life is not about the destination — it’s all about the journey. :-)

    A retired photographer looks at life from behind an RV steering wheel.
    Life Unscripted

    • Lots of people say it looks like Gaudi, I guess Barcelona will have to be my next stop – haha!
      My favourite random pit-stop was in England. We were stuck in traffic somewhere up North and there was a sign for a pig farm. We quickly took the side-road and spent the afternoon playing with pigs, watching them race each other and eating bacon. It was fabulous!
      Thanks for the comment and keep enjoying the journey :)

    • Haha – they were so warm and the sugar just melted on your tongue… nom nom nom… thanks for stopping by! Let’s all have waffles for a treat today :)

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