There is this wonderful Japanese word hisashiburi which means ‘hello – it’s been a while’. It portrays a lot of ‘yey, I’m so happy to see you again’ as well and I love it. People use it all the time, often in happy surprise at seeing someone. I even use it to a lot of my English friends, as it just conveys what I want to say to someone I’m happy to see again. So to all of you out there, I’d like to say: hisashiburi!!



I know it’s been ages. Don’t make me feel bad… I already do. I love blogging and writing down my adventures, but recently it’s just been so busy. My brain is literally full. We have a wedding to plan – luckily this has been a doddle – and we’ve finally found a venue for our board game cafe in Liverpool. It’s so exciting, terrifying, amazing… so many words…

The thing is, my brain is just full. This morning I woke up completely alert at 5am. UGH. I have such a long list of things to do, that I don’t even know where to start, so I don’t start at all. I have these bursts of adrenaline, when I can sit for hours and get so many things done without any distractions and other times when I sit around for hours not sure where to begin. Today though, I’d like to make some time to say ‘hi’ and give you a teeny tiny update.

We have a venue. Our search has been LONG. And difficult. And very frustrating. But we’ve made it and we LOVE the place. We get the keys next week and then the construction begins. It’s been fun designing how the place should look inside – a mix of our logo’s colours and fun/ cosy. We will be in there all day, so it needs to be a place we love to hang out in too. It’s convenient, has parking in the area and the interest is everywhere. We keep meeting people who have already heard about the cafe and can’t wait for it to open. We’ve been in the local paper and had various groups get in touch wanting weekly meetups in the cafe. We’ve not really pushed it into the social media yet, as we’ve been waiting for an address, but it seems people have already found us – it’s amazing and exciting!

We can’t wait to open the doors. It will be hard work, but we get to work for ourselves. Every board game cafe I’ve visited has been packed full of people talking, smiling and interacting with each other. It’s filled with the sound of people laughing and it’s just wonderful. I can’t wait to create a little bit of that in this world.

We are blogging over on our Sugar and Dice Cafe website too – you’re welcome to follow us over there if you like. There’s so much else to tell you all, but for now, the in-laws have got a puppy! Her name is Penny and she’s absolutely adorbs!!



  1. Well, I can feel a visit coming on. It has been too long since we met up. So happy for you both, so well deserved. Hugs and love xxxxx

    • Hehehe – she’s called Penelope, but we all call her Penny. She loves to nap and chill and she’s still learning to cuddle. She’s growing so quickly and is gonna be a BIG dog! I think she’s ten weeks old now and had all her jabs, so next week we can finally take her out for walks! Can’t wait :)

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