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Happy Monday folks!

To dispel the impression that all of our Happy Monday posts are about food (or even the majority of our regular posts as a matter of fact), today I’d like to introduce you to one of my favourite websites.


I like to believe the site was named after me but their little mascot sadly bears no resemblance PLUS he’s carrying a chess board when I would be carrying a Go board, but I digress…

I am usually rushing to the nearest games store to check out new games…

This site is a fantastic resource for anything to do with board games – it has an immense database of games and each game has a wealth of information attached to it. You can find previews, reviews, videos, rules, FAQs, strategy tips (I could do with reading them!) and much, much more.

The site is not the prettiest to look or the easiest to navigate but it is functional and has everything a gamer would ever need.

The site does NOT offer hats when playing Mafia games however.

Well, everything except hats for when you are playing Mafia games.

It is possible to create an account so you can write your own reviews or comment in their forums. It is always my first port of call when I am considering a new game or after I have bought a game. I always know that all the questions I could have about any rules etc. are there, answered.

One of the most useful things I have found is the ‘Files’ section for each game. You can sort these by popularity and find some amazing things to help improve your games. For example, I have a few games that I have bought here in Germany that don’t have English rules. The answer? Boardgamegeek!

Sometimes the English rule books are so lengthy and inaccessible, I find it helpful to have a 1 or 2 page summary that I can reference when needed. The answer? You guessed it – Boardgamegeek!

There is no end to the cool (and geeky) stuff you can find on there and I love it. I have even found printable boxes that you glue and stick together to help store game components easier. And yes, my geekiness knows no limits and I have made many and I am very proud of them! 😉

Hex Holder

How else am I supposed to store my hexagonal tiles?!

Even if you are not quite as obsessive as I am about games, the site is worth checking out for any games you do have in your collection as you will often find posts about interesting variants for your favourite games or suggestions for other games you might enjoy.

That’s all for this Happy Monday post, I’m sure we’ll be back to our regular schedule of food-related posts next week (I have to admit, I almost posted about a chocolate bar today but that might just have to wait for another time as it is in my stomach right now!) I hope you are all having a great start of the week!


  1. Not a board game, but I played Munchkin Apocalypse the other day – a card game. I really loved it, and want to get a set when I go back to the UK. Have you played it before?

    • I haven’t actually tried that! I’ve played regular Munchkin and thought it wasn’t too bad but I think it needs the right group of people for it to really shine. Do you know if its much different? You’d recommend Apocalypse then? We’ll have to try a game next time we meet!

      • AHHH I love Munchkin, and I got the Apocalypse version for Christmas and still haven’t managed to play it. Such fun! I can recommend the regular set and the additions that come after it (as in, the additions that aren’t themed with zombie or pirates or whatever).

        • Thanks for the tip! If you’re looking for some people to play it with, bring it over to Berlin and let’s play :)

    • The game is called “Der Pate” (The Godfather – based on the film) published by Kosmos. It’s only available in Germany for some reason but was quite good fun!

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