Hamburg in a Weekend


So, here is a round-up of everything to do in Hamburg. The only thing we didn’t find is cheesecake that’s worth writing about… I guess we will have to go again 😉

If you can manage to time it right and get to Hamburg for the Hafenfest you are in for a treat. It’s the biggest port festival in the world and the boats even dance ballet. Yes, you read that correctly, the boats dance together. You have to see it to believe it. You might even come across the Titanic!

photo 3

Walk along the promenade – you can walk to the sandy beaches, walk under the Elbe River in an amazing tunnel for free and walk around the Treppenviertel, the so-called ‘stairs-quarter’, where you walk up and up and up higher whilst looking at the cute houses and views over Hamburg.

Keep walking, there is still more to see, like the statue of Bismark, one of 250 monuments all over the world dedicated to Otto von Bismarck. It’s in a beautiful park where we even spotted some wild rabbits roaming around.

photo 2

Carrying on a little further, you come across the most famous church in the city: St Michael’s church. You can climb to the top for amazing views if you like, or if your legs need a rest, there is also a lift!

photo 1

Going back to the riverside, you can see the scandalous Hamburg Philharmonic from pretty much anywhere – a very cool building that keeps getting more and more expensive to build. It was meant to be finished years ago, but they are still working on it…

photo 4

Hamburg is the city where the Beatles often played and they even have monuments to the Fab Four for you to enjoy.

If you need a place to stay and you have a car, the only place to go is the Mongolian Jurte – a unique experience of Mongolia in Germany.

For food, it’s all about fish. For breakfast you need to go to the fish market on Sunday mornings (from 5am). Lots of fresh produce to pick from and next door you can dance to Rock ‘n’ Roll and Beatles live bands with beer in the early hours.

For lunch go to this amazing restaurant. By now you are probably all fished out, so dinner at the Schweinske is hilarious. Everything is pig-themed and even the salad looks like pigs’ tails.


The restaurant we went to is conveniently on the Reeperstrasse, the red light district of the area, but be warned, if you are a lady walking down the street, the Ladies of the Night will not welcome you – quite the opposite actually… This is the place to get merry and giggle at naughty German things.

Also, do look out for Hamburg’s new scandalous bins that have been making the headlines recently.

And last but not least, you MUST eat a Hamburger in Hamburg!!


Is there anything we missed?


  1. Vanessa what a fun post. I love, love, love the Titanic photo, that is epic. It sounds like there are a lot of things to do there in Hamburg.

    I was sad to see the tagging on the statue. I guess some people do not appreciate the beauty that someone painstaking and lovingly crafted.

    Thanks for the virtual tour you shared it. It looks like a lot of fun.

    • Haha thanks Gen! The tagging on the statue is a shame, but we have gotten used to it – it’s all over the Berlin Wall as well – you see hoards of young student groups with their pens out writing all over the Wall and the teacher just watches them…
      You should definitely visit Hamburg and make your own Titanic photo :)

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