Grand Café Breitenbach Tomasa

Coz ya gotta have faith…

It was the middle of the week and Jason and I were just chilling, listening to our bellies rumbling. Too hungry to even go to the kitchen and make a slice of toast, we grabbed some money and headed to our second-closest restaurant. We’ve been here before with an AirBnB guest and they have a lovely roof terrace – perfect on a sunny day. The staff is friendly, the food is pretty normal and I guess it’s a little pricey for Berlin, but compared to London it’s proper cheap.

I don’t really know what kind of food type they are going for, last time we had American burgers and this time tapas, although the Spanish tapas included Malay chicken satay. I’m going to be honest, the chorizo is amazing. Mouth-wateringly nom! We were both trying to pretend we were eating the other stuff, but deep down we were both trying to eat more chorizo before the other one noticed. MMMMMMMM! The rest was a bit ‘meh’ really, the chicken of the satay was nice, but the sauce was far too sweet. The chips were good chips, the nachos and avocado was good and the fish sticks not so amazing. The pickled breaded chilli was disappointing too – so basically I would say to you all GO GO GO and get ten portions of chorizo! EACH! No, make that 20… haha!

photo 5

photo 3

The roof terrace – the big concrete block at the back is the highway – not such a great view… haha

photo 3 (1)


Address: Grand Café Breitenbach Tomasa, Breitenbachplatz 8, 14195 Berlin

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